Haws Announces AX16 AXION Advantage® Lab Eye/Face Wash Retrofit Kit

Haws Announces AX16 AXION Advantage® Lab Eye/Face Wash Retrofit Kit

Haws Corporation announces the AX16 AXION Advantage® eye/face wash system (AX16).  It is designed to replace outdated, under-performing or in some cases, non-conforming installed laboratory and hose-mounted emergency eyewashes. The AX upgrade kit is the only eye/face wash on the market that immediately solves common ANSI Z358.1 required flow issues including lack of controlled, non-injurious flow and uneven flow patterns. 

Its inverted flow design is the only product available that provides a medically superior response (MSR) consistent with all EMT, emergency room and doctors’ office protocols by sweeping contaminants away from the vulnerable nasal cavity. 


Key Benefits

  • Immediate ANSI Z358.1 flow compliance
  • Eyewash streams provide Zero Vertical Velocity™ stream engineering with even laminar flow for enhanced comfort, stability and effectiveness. 
  • Perfect for installed laboratory and hose-mounted emergency equipment, the AX16 is designed to replace the eyewash head of standard laboratory and hose-mounted eyewash stations manufactured by Acorn®, Bradley®, Encon®, Guardian® and Speakman®. Specifically, the AX16 can replace eyewash heads that flow too low or high, unevenly, or uncomfortably.
  • The AX16 is ANSI compliant when installed correctly based on manufacturer guidelines and when tested against the ANSI Z358.1 checklist included with the product. The materials provided offer complete ANSI compliance tools and instructions.

About Haws

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