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Because you're too busy running your business

It happens to everyone. You wake up in the middle of the night and think, “I should…” and you resolve to do that thing as soon as you get to the office. But customers call, the order is late, and you’ve got a presentation due. What woke you at 3am gets back-burnered.  Maybe you rush through it just to get it done before the end of the quarter so you can get it off your list. Or, like many 3am thoughts, it gets filed in the “someday” file.

We’re here to help. We take the SOMEDAY file and turn it into the COMPLETED file. Boise marketing agency Dogwood Solutions offers integrated services including PR, strategic marketing, customer experience, and more.

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Sleep well, knowing it's done.

Communication, Marketing, Business services in the Boise Idaho area.

Communications & Marketing

Customer Engagement

  • Consumer experience & engagement 
  • Customer marketing & customer retention
  • Mystery/secret shops
  • Market research
  • Service sequence plans & scripts
  • Social media response teams

Business Solutions

  • Market research
  • Lead generation & sales decks
  • Business plans
  • Grant proposals
  • Presentations & reports
  • Proofreading & copy editing