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We’re your marketing director, brand manager, communications specialist, and a lot more.

We’re a team of experienced professionals leveraging our collective strengths to maximize our clients’ ROI.

We’re not afraid to let you know if:

  • Your expectations exceed your resources
  • Your news isn’t newsworthy
  • You’re not speaking the same language as your ideal clients.

Then we’ll roll up our sleeves to determine what will help you most. And we’ll implement strategies that maximize your budget and meet your goals.

Why Dogwood?

Our services and solutions are:



Focused on ROI

Like our namesake tree, we combine functionality with great design. Just as a dogwood serves a myriad of purposes, so does Dogwood Solutions, with the same ease and simplicity.

Who we work with

We have real experience working with a lot of varied industries. From dog groomers to 100-year old manufacturing companies, series-A start-ups to $100 million ARR club—it’s about the people.

Some of our experience areas:


Health & wellness




Professional services

Retail & hospitality

SaaS & software

Safety & training

Shopify retailers

Who we are

Founder Liz Sweeney has worked for decades in marketing and PR, on both the client-side and the agency side. She saw a lot of great work, but also saw bloated budgets with little return in value, stressed employees, and marketing and PR agencies that didn’t work together.

Liz decided to do better for both the clients and team members. She launched Dogwood Solutions: an integrated marketing agency.

We're a collective of:


Potters, painters, and picklers

Public relations professionals

Gardeners, farmers, and cooks


Dog and cat lovers

Project managers

Parents, caregivers, and PTA members

Graphic designers

MBA candidates and closet novelists


World travelers and armchair tourists

UX/UI designers

Hockey players and RPG gamers

Web developers

Rock climbers, hikers, and spelunkers

Potters, painters, and picklers

Gardeners, farmers, and cooks

Dog and cat lovers

Parents, caregivers, and PTA members

MBA candidates and closet novelists

World travelers and armchair tourists

Hockey players and RPG gamers

Rock climbers, hikers, and spelunkers

Because each one of us values the sum of our parts, we don’t work traditional 40-hour weeks. Some of us work at midnight, others prefer to work “three tens.” We’re creative, process-driven professionals who know the most important aspect is that the work is well-executed and delivered on-time.

And as important as our families and interests are, so too are your company’s needs and goals. Rest assured, when it’s time to work we’re 100% focused on our clients!

Meet the team

Allison, Gig Harbor

Words & graphics

Emily, Boise

Design & strategy

Erica, Virginia Beach


Guy, Louisville

Website development

Jenny, Warroad


Julia, Flagstaff

Writing & editing

Kevin, Boise


Lindsay, Sacramento

Account liaison, operations

Liz, Boise

Marketing, strategy, PR 

Tracy, Stockton

Content & project management

Let’s see if we’re a good fit.