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Haws ePOD Emergency Shower Wins Twice

Congratulations to Haws Co., for their well-deserved awards for the new 8710 ePOD Indoor/Outdoor Tempered Shower and Eye/Face Wash System. While it’s a mouthful, the ePOD is vital emergency equipment recognized by both the Occupational Health & Safety Magazine New Product of the Year Award, and the ISHN Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards!

ePOD tempered shower in high visibility green
ePOD tempered shower internal view with eye wash

The  Haws 8710 ePOD™ Indoor/Outdoor Tempered Shower And Eye/Face Wash System (the ePOD)  is an exemplar of job site emergency preparedness and response solutions. Designed with a customer-centric approach, the ePOD takes into consideration the user’s behavioral responses in a time of extreme need. The design of the ePOD also addresses environmental challenges and variables jobsite locations often provide. The ePOD mitigates incidental exposure in the most challenging worksite environments, providing a safe and effective simultaneous drench shower and face/eyewash. All parts are serviceable from one side and maintenance doesn’t require permits nor scaffolding–a bonus when dealing with difficult locations.

For more information about the ePOD and other emergency equipment solutions from Haws, visit https://www.hawsco.com/.

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