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Wellsource named to Ragan 2023 Workplace Wellness Hot List

How a marketing agency in Boise helped highlight the importance of workplace wellness.

Ragan recognized Wellsource’s Wellcomplete as one of the nation’s top wellness program providers in May 2023, earning it a top spot on the 2023 Workplace Wellness Hot List. Boise marketing and PR agency Dogwood Solutions helped them get there through our in-depth understanding of awards and recognition programs.

Who is Wellsource and what is Ragan?

Wellsource is a US-based company dedicated to improving people’s quality of life through products that identify health concerns and preventable diseases before they become a problem. Their health risk assessments (HRAs) provide detailed population health data that enables private and public organizations to build engaging wellness programs aimed at lowering health claims and absenteeism, increasing employee satisfaction and productivity while reducing unnecessary healthcare costs. 

Ragan Communications is the leading corporate news and training resource for millions of business leaders worldwide. Their Workplace Wellness Hot List recognizes the top companies providing employee well-being solutions and solidifying their places in the industry’s go-list for wellness products, services, and technology. 

HRAs that are more than just assessments

We’re not talking about 90’s health magazine quizzes.

Wellsource’s high-tech HRAs gather data-rich information, giving wellness professionals a better understanding of health risks, lifestyle habits, and general well-being of people. With these results, organizations can help their population live longer, healthier lives while improving wellness program engagement and return on investment (ROI). Here’s how:

  • Potentially life-saving data. Data from HRAs give the individual and wellness provider a clear idea of current and future health based on various criteria, including potential risk factors for chronic or serious diseases. This information might motivate an individual to make healthy lifestyle changes or identify something potentially life-threatening that needs immediate care.
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  • Better wellness programs. HRAs provide valuable insight so organizations can determine which products and services are of interest and use for their population. This information means they can vary their offerings based on need—eg. providing nutrition services to some, mental health support to others, or stress management resources to all.
  • Improve ROI through engagement. Wellness programs can be costly, especially when they don’t produce a positive return on investment (ROI). Understanding a population’s interests and struggles and offering solutions to address them increases the likelihood that they will get and stay engaged. When engagement remains high, results improve, thus boosting ROI.

Why the Wellness Hot List matters

The Hot List is like the Grammy’s for wellness programs and service providers.

Of course, being recognized for a job well done is an inherently satisfying feeling. Plus, recognition via an earned honor from an organization known for setting the benchmark of excellence builds trust and authority.

The Wellness Hot List highlights companies providing solutions through well-being products, services, and technology to help organizations build better wellness programs and improve the health of their population. 

In addition to being recognized for the overall excellence in wellness programs, the earned media provides additional business benefits to Wellsource, including: 

  • Targeted brand awareness. Recognition leads to increased visibility for brands within their industry.
  • Increased credibility. Endorsements from prestigious third parties position companies as a leader in their field, building trust with potential customers.

Why wellness programs matter

Because no one ever complained about feeling well.

According to Gallup, people spend an average of 81,396 hours of their lifetime at work—approximately one-third of our lives. With so much time dedicated to the workplace, it makes sense that organizations would want to invest in the health and wellness of their population. And, the rise in well-being initiatives in the workplace show that employers are doing just that.

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However, wellness programs can only be effective when employers understand the needs of their population.  By using scientific, evidence-based practices to develop their Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) and wellness tools, Wellsource gathers and delivers valuable information to health and wellness professionals so they can achieve better outcomes and people can live better lives.

Does your marketing agency get you like we get Wellsource?

Like a first date, but less awkward–we want to know who you are.

At Dogwood Solutions, we take the extra time to get to know you, your business, and your product. Understanding the goals that drive you, the pain points that prevent you from reaching those goals, and your “why” are as vital to the success of a wellness program as they are to an integrated marketing strategy. It’s the thread that seamlessly merges each piece of your integrated marketing strategy.

Does your marketing agency get you like we get Wellsource? Schedule a no-stress 15-minute call today!

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