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Taking Construction Safety to New Heights

NJ Crane Expert’s Mobile Crane Simulators Ready Construction Crews for Work

Flemington, NJ——In response to worsening labor shortages,  NJ Crane Expert announced today simulation training for mobile crane operators—and those who aspire to have a career as a certified crane operator.  NJ Crane Expert, a leader in mobile crane training and certification, now adds two mobile crane simulators to its hands-on training. 

The traveling simulators provide safe and efficient training to those in the construction and utilities industries. NJ Crane Expert developed a trailer to safely transport  the crane simulators to where the workers and students are located, bringing the simulators to the job site or company office throughout the contiguous United States.

“It’s important for small and medium businesses to have access to affordable training,” explains master crane trainer and owner Hans Tielmann. “Bringing this technology directly to the businesses provides them with efficiency and cost savings. That’s important for companies watching their bottom line, while looking to raise the standard in safe work environments.”

This service creates a unique opportunity that will be a boon for the construction  industry—and its workers—as the need for people with verified skills ramps up over the next two years. And, as OSHA requires crane operators to be certified, the simulation training ensures they’ll not only have classroom experience, but vital machinery experience as well.

Construction projects have experienced a significant dip due to the pandemic; historically construction slowdowns result in worker shortages. In fact, at the end of 2020, 59% of construction firms were concerned about inexperienced skilled labor and/or a workforce shortage, according to the 2021 Association of General Contractors Construction Outlook. Additionally, 20% of northeastern construction firms had concerns regarding inadequate construction education and training.

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When it comes to something as complex as operating a crane, those are stark numbers. Crane accidents aren’t always fatal, but they can cause significant bodily harm to employees as well as costly property damage. And, fines, fees, and insurance premium increases (or cancellations) are financial killers. 

With its focus on safety, NJ Crane Expert wants to ensure every construction job site has a certified and qualified crane operator. NJ Crane Expert offers classes in English and Spanish in New Jersey and throughout the country.

About NJ Crane Expert

NJ Crane Expert’s mission is to empower our students with the knowledge and skills needed to perform in a fast-paced, high-risk work environment. With over 50 years of collective experience, our trainers know the dangers of job sites for arborists, contractors, and utility workers. That is why our training puts a focus on safety as the top priority. For more information visit njcraneexpert.com.

For interviews with Hans Tielmann and the NJ Crane Expert team, please contact Liz Sweeney at Dogwood Solutions.

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