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Dogwood’s PR professionals craft stories and build relationships on your behalf. When you need a responsive PR program at a reasonable rate, talk with Boise PR agency Dogwood Solutions. Whether it’s a stand-alone, one-time release or a comprehensive, integrated marketing communications plan, we’re here to make you shine.

Media relations

After defining your outreach goals, we’ll work with your team to identify and develop newsworthy stories. We’ll let you know when an idea is better suited for a LinkedIn post or if another approach may garner a better response from journalists. With dedicated outreach for each release, we’ll ensure your compelling stories don’t languish on the newswires. We find newsworthy angles and work with our vast network of journalists, bloggers, and influencers to build visibility for you. And, as an integrated marketing communications company, we take care that your media relations plan fits into your larger marketing and communications plan.

Target Market

Crisis Communication

Your response to a crisis situation matters from the speed of initial action to the tone and messaging of your communications, both internal and external. We take a comprehensive approach to preparing your communications and leadership team before, during, and after emergencies. Let us help guide you in creating an integrated plan for your business to respond appropriately to the different audiences you need to reach. Our goal for crisis communication is to create specific protocol that is immediately accessible during an incident, but flexible enough for a multitude of contingencies.

Recognition & Awards Trophy

Recognition & awards

All too often we’ve seen good initiatives passed over because they were submitted to the wrong awards program. Or, submitted to the right program but poorly written. (Or, not submitted at all.) Dogwood Solutions takes the headache out of recognition and awards programs. Our team is experienced in writing winning grant and awards submissions; why not have us win a few for you?

Speaking engagements

One of the fastest ways to elevate your C-suite is to position them as knowledgeable leaders via speaking engagements. Dogwood works with clients to identify appropriate events, then crafts worthy submissions. We help those just starting out as well as the highly experienced and, of course, we assist in preparing your speaking staff as well.

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Product placements

From holiday gift guides to Hollywood, the Dogwood Solutions PR team finds appropriate venues for product placements—from collectible dolls to macramè coasters—we delight in sharing your creations!


Community & public affairs

From online reviews to community hearings, Boise PR agency Dogwood Solutions has the depth and expertise to help companies communicate—and listen. Our process is rooted in understanding larger issues and bringing disparate views together. Our approach is always diplomatic, calm, and friendly.

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