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Small & Medium Businesses: Have an Impact via Microsoft User Research


Microsoft User Research

Why are so many of the software applications small businesses use created by and for BIG businesses? Are you tired of the “small office workaround” that you and your IT team have to create to get your software to work for you?

And…what if you don’t even have an IT team? Why should you waste hours of your time figuring out how to get your business software sorted out so your team can use just what it needs to use?

Now you get to have a say on the technology you use.

Frustrated small business owner

Microsoft wants your input about software. They’ve hired me, a small business owner, to reach out to employees of small-to-medium businesses. Microsoft would like to make you part of its Microsoft User Research team to help shape future products.

That means…

  • You’ll try out new technology, or show Microsoft how you use products every day.
  • Don’t normally use Microsoft products? Not a problem. Microsoft’s researchers will ask questions and want your honest feedback on what’s in the works.
  • Participation will be easy and rewarding for you. Not only will you be having a say on the future of technology, but every now and then certain programs may offer small gratuities (bonus!).

Simply click here to sign up to be part of Microsoft’s User Research team.

Since you’ll be seeing products before they’re released, Microsoft will have you complete an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). All data that you share is between you and Microsoft. I’m just sharing the message! 

Of course, if you have questions, feel free to reach out to me (liz@dogwood.solutions)  or the Microsoft User Research Team at msftur@microsoft.com.

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